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OZ BRÁZDA s.r.o. established itself on the Czech market as a distributor of fruits and vegetables in 2006. It was formed from the original company Jaroslav Brázda – ovoce zelenina, which started its business – the selling fruits and vegetables from stalls – in 1999. By early 2004 it was performing most of the business activities listed below. Our customers include wholesale fruit and vegetable companies, grocers, delicatessens, canteens, school canteens, hotels, restaurants and hospitals. We are able to supply a complete range of fruits and vegetables. We can supply products of the quality required by the customer and guarantee year-round deliveries. The products on offer are handled and stored in a 3,300m2 storage space, of which 2000 m2 is refrigerated to the required temperatures in seven separate sections.

Our priority is to supply only quality fresh fruit purchased directly from suppliers in Spain, Holland, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Africa, South America, Poland and Cyprus. Vegetables are purchased from Czech market gardeners who grow them according to our requirements. The company holds the HACCP certificate, confirming the safety of the products offered, and that the products are stored, handled, and transported in compliance with appropriate EU standards.

The company concentrates its business in Prague and its environs. Distribution is performed by our own delivery vehicles, refrigerated or non-refrigerated according to the weather conditions and range of products delivered. We have our own fleet of vehicles in 70.

Thanks to numerous domestic and foreign suppliers we are able to supply the widest range of fruits and vegetables all year round. We make full use of our experience and respond to seasonal price changes, thus supplying our customers with products at the most reasonable prices.

OZ BRÁZDA s.r.o. in a nutshell

  • Custom deliveries of fruit and veg 24 h / 362 days
  • Specialising in fresh, frozen and peeled vegetables
  • The business commenced its wholesale activities by the expansion of the Jaroslav Brázda company, founded in 1999
  • Highly flexible delivery of goods to our customers
  • We own 70 vehicles of various types and categories
  • Average daily delivery of goods to 350 customers
  • 70 company employees
  • Company’s yearly turnover – approx. 200 million CZK